KEYANA Management Consulting help financial institutions and organizations optimise their investment portfolios in all the ways that are most important to them.

We continuously aim to explore new markets and promising investment opportunities.

We permanently try to act as a member of our client’s team and accompanying them through their projects.

KEYANA Management Consulting works with leading financial institutions, corporations, governments and social sector organizations as their integrated resource for solutions.

What makes us different?

Here’s how one client put it: “All our other advisors stand on their side of the river and shout advice about how to cross it; KEYANA Management Consulting people stand on our side of the river and help us get across.”

The experience of working with KEYANA Management Consulting, our clients tell us, is distinctively different. Here are some of the ways we are different.

Starting from You

We start from your situation and customize everything we do. We help you find the best way for your organization to solve the challenge at hand. The ideas, approaches, and methods we bring to respond to our client wishes are sophisticated and simple, but we apply them in a highly pragmatic and customized way.

Talented Team

Sustainable growth requires addressing multiple barriers to growth, which in turn require multiple management disciplines. We deploy teams with extraordinary breadth and depth of expertise to match the complexity of the challenges they are intended to solve. While we have industry expertise, we don’t rely on that alone. We have deep expertise in the different investment strategies required to unlock superior growth. While we provide advisory services, we are not just a consulting firm. We help our clients build their own capabilities for lasting results, and we offer capital services that complement our strategic advisory work.

Simple and practical

We take everything we learn and turn it into systematic approaches that can be transferred to clients. Our knowledge is distilled into tools and frameworks that are practical, replicable and learnable by our client organizations. We deliver our expertise through not just the traditional people-based consulting channel but also through software and executive education programs.

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  • Optimising your investment universe.

  • Understanding your needs.

  • Identifying new markets.